From rampant disinformation, to increasing political violence and toxic discourse, democracies are under threat globally. In Canada, recent political events have revealed the growing tensions and cynicism towards government and politicians.

Rep Day is designed to facilitate discussion about current issues while also developing a better understanding of and sense of trust in the people and institutions within our democracy.

These non-partisan, informative meetings typically last around one hour long, and help MPs continue to develop meaningful connections with their younger constituents.

Rep Day meetings are timed to correspond with the parliamentary break weeks and generally consist of informal Q&A-style discussions with students from grades 4 to 12. As part of this year’s Rep Day edition, we will also be inviting MPs to participate in joint meetings with fellow MPs to allow for cross-party conversations.

CIVIX will provide learning resources for teachers to prepare their students for the visit, and offer timely reminders for all parties involved.

Stronger local presence

100 per cent of MPs surveyed said that the Rep Day program is useful for increasing their presence in schools

Increased confidence

67 per cent said that their confidence in speaking to youth increased as a result of the program

MP Registration

We are always inspired and impressed with the students and their engagement during his visits.  We had great conversations about the voting age, climate change and his job as an MP and how it relates to other levels of government.

The Minister had such a wonderful time speaking with the students and hearing and answering their thoughtful questions.