CIVIX is a non-partisan, Canadian charity dedicated to strengthening democracy through civic education.

We create classroom resources and training opportunities that empower educators to take real-life political events and turn them into teachable moments. CIVIX programming introduces students to the concepts of democracy and elections, improves awareness about government and role of elected representatives, and teaches students how to effectively participate as informed and responsible citizens in their community.

Our vision is a strong and inclusive democracy where all young people are ready, willing, and able to participate.
Our programs are:

  • Student Vote — this experiential civic literacy program provides students under the voting age with the opportunity to learn about democracy, government, and the electoral process, and cast ballots for the official candidates in a parallel election.
  • Student Budget Consultation —  a civic education and financial literacy initiative that directly involves youth in the government budget consultation process.
  • Rep Day — connects students with their elected representative at the federal or provincial level for a meaningful discussion about students’ concerns and interests.
  • CTRL-F — a digital media literacy program that helps students identify false and misleading information, locate credible sources, and learn key context about online information.
  • PoliTalks — aims to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to participate constructively in political discussions; activities help students practice active listening, perspective-taking, and respectful self-expression skills.

For more information on CIVIX and our programs, please visit or contact us at [email protected].